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About Men In the Middle

Men in the Middle is currently a once weekly Current Event/Opinion & Commentary program featuring two veteran broadcasters with diversly different backgrounds and perspectives.
This unique team brings new light to the issues of today, political news and current events without the spin and hype that mainstream media often puts on things.
Invisible Digits programming is suited for radio station broadcast. Our shows have available breaks for local sponsorship and promotion. Each show is self contained, or can be added to automation systems to take advnatge of the available commercial breaks.

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Your Hosts


Jim Patrick

As a career broadcaster, seasoned political pundant and life long activist in politics and corporate America, Jim brings a thoughtful and insightful perspective to the show. "I want to give them something to think about, from the middle ground of America".

Steve Putney

As a broadcaster since 1979, Steve has covered news, current events, politics and more. His perspective is not always politically correct, but this show is not about being politically correct: it is about taking a common sense approach and bringing new ideas and perspective to listeners.

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